Lot No. 209 (99th Auction)
Attributed to Jean-Francois-Victor Dupont, Geneva, 126 x 110 mm, 129 g, circa 1820

An ornamental enamel plaque in a wooden frame "the Judgement of Paris", after a painting by Angelika Kauffmann
Case: Wooden frame, oval enamel plaque with polychrome painting, 61 x 71 mm.

Oval enamel medallion with a scene showing "The Judgement of Paris", a famous story from Greek mythology. The young Paris is called upon to decide which of the three goddesses is the most beautiful - Aphrodite, Athena or Hera. The motif is inspired by the painting by Angelika Kauffmann (1741-1807) dating from before 1778. There are slight differences to the original painting such as the robes worn by the three goddesses.

Quality and style of the enamel painting suggest that it is the work of Jean-Francois-Victor Dupont. His objects were not only highly regarded during his lifetime but also coveted and "re-used" for many years afterwards.

Jean-Francois-Victor Dupont (1785-1863) worked in Geneva and can be considered the finest enamel painter of his time. His work includes portraits of the most distinguished figures such as King George IV, Henry VI and many others; Dupont also created boxes and watches which were destined for the Chinese Market in particular. For these watches he cooperated with Ilbery as well as with Piguet & Meylan. He used a most distinctive colour range which is most likely due to the fact that he mixed his own colours, as did most of the master enamel painters. Dupont's ability to paint a group of figures posed in the same plane without giving an impression of overcrowding stands out in his works. He also highlighted the expression of the characters in a particular way which gives the viewer the impression that he is involved in the scene himself.
Dupont frequently only signed what he considered his best works, which is probably the reason for the fact that only very few watches with enamel painting are known to bear his signature.
Estimate  5,000 - 10,000 €
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