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Serial No. 51052
Serial No. 51052
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Breguet et fils, Paris

, Movement No. 2382, 144 x 110 x 144 mm, circa 1811

A remarkable, small 2 days ship's chronometer with the original ratchet key - sold to Monsieur Ducom, representative for Breguet in Bordeaux, on 25 August 1815, for 1500 Francs. Bought back on 16 June 1816, for the same price, sold to Mr. Sakellard on 12 May 1818 for 1200 Francs.

Case: mahogany. Dial: enamel. Movm.: brass movement, 63 mm, gilt, chain/fusee, spring detent escapement, three-arm chronometer compensation balance with gold and platinum screws.

This chronometer is listed in the Breguet records as "Horloge Marine, lettre I sur le cadran".

This ship’s chronometer is remarkable in a number of ways: it is in perfect condition and the mahogany box with its unique mounting of the gimbal system in the bottom has been magnificently finished. It is, however, also one of the very few chronometers that were produced in Breguet’s lifetime. The mechanism is driven by chain/fusee instead of one or two barrels, as would be typical for Breguet. A square socket key sits inside the box, which is used to fasten the square-head screws in the base; due to its small size, the brass case and the ease with which the chronometer comes out of its velvet-lined holder, the timepiece could also be used as a clock on deck.

During Breguet’s lifetime, only a few marine chronometers were created. This piece was produced just before Breguet’s appointment as maker to the royal navy. While the movement still uses chain and fusee, its design is very typical for Breguet’s work. The case - en forme de tabatière - was invented by Louis Berthoud and allowed the use of the chronometer at sea (when in the gimbals), carrying it in the pocket or using it on a desk. We know hardly any chronometers of this type and none of them is mentioned in "The Art of Breguet" by George Daniels.
Case: very good, slightly worn
Dial: very good, hairlines
Movm.: very good, capable of running, cleaning recommended

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