Lot No. 177
Lot No. 177
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A probably Augsburg gilt crucifix clock of high quality, with automaton, hour strike and stackfreed
Estimate  25,000 - 35,000 €
a lot of the last auction!
Product Details
Bronze, firegilt.
very good, slightly worn.
Firegilt ball with silver chapter ring.
very good.
Circular brass full plate movement, 2 barrels, 1 hammer / 1 rear bell, verge escapement, locking plate with internal teeth, stackfreed, hog's bristle, foliot.
very good, capable of running, cleaning recommended.
310 mm
Southern German
Product Description

A moulded and engraved round base with inside bell and sound holes in the shape of archways supports the figures of Christ on the cross, the virgin Mary and John the Baptist. The cross has been engraved with a grained wood pattern; at the foot of the cross kneels the penitent Mary Magdalene, looking upward and raising her right arm, which she moves back and forth solemnly at the strike of the hour. A plate with the letters INRI sits high above the crucifix, just below the dial in the form of a sphere with equatorial hours and a static hand. The figures are positioned on a hinged, round plinth engraved with flowers and decorated with a rooster; the early movement with stackfreed mechanism and foliot is mounted underneath.

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