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Lot No. 45
Lot No. 45
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Heinz Eberhardt, Neustadt/Dosse, Deutsche Uhrmacherschule Glashütte i/SA, graduate of Alfred Helwig's master class, 195 x 195 mm

, circa 1938

A rare escapement model with spring detent escapement

Case: oak, brass, glass. Movm.: brass plate, signed, gilt, spring detent escapement according to Thomas Earnshaw, bimetallic chronometer balance with 4 weights and 2 screws, blued helical balance spring.

Heinz Eberhardt was born on June 3, 1915 in Neustadt/Dosse. He attended the German Watchmaking School from May 1933 to September 1935. Eberhardt finished his apprenticeship in 1934 and passed his final examination in 1935; in 1938 he returned to the school for a short time and received his master craftsman’s certificate. In addition to a tourbillon (which he created together with Kuhls and Geitz), he produced a model of a lever escapement, a micrometer gauge and a pocket watch with lever escapement while at the school; for his master’s piece he completely rebuild a wristwatch. When Eberhardt left the school, he received a certificate of approval from the Grossmann foundation. He was one of a small number of students who were allowed to build a tourbillon only a short time after finishing their apprenticeship. Afterwards Eberhardt worked with Geitz for the company Willenberg in Mainz, then for Junghans in Schramberg, for Huber in Munich and later in Glashuette for Strasser & Rohde and Gössel & Co. After World War II he was appointed managing director and workshop supervisor for Willenberg. Eberhardt eventually opened his own workshop for timekeeping instruments in Wambach in the area of Wiesbaden. He died on June 25, 1997.
Source: Fritz von Osterhausen, "Die Tourbillonbauer - Alfred Helwigs Meisterschüler", in Klassik Uhren 5/1999
Movm.: very good, capable of running

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