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Lot No. 620
Lot No. 620
Estimate  2,500 - 3,500 €
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Erwin Sattler, München, "Modell 1547"

, Cal. 1560, Height 980 mm, circa 1998

A precision regulator in mint condition with calendar and moon phase - 8-day power reserve - with certificate by Erwin Sattler

Case: walnut. Dial: enamel. Movm.: rectangular-shaped brass movement, Graham escapement with adjustable steel pallets, wooden pendulum rod and brass bob.

Simple and beautiful in a case that is only 10 cm deep – Erwin Sattler showed his usual excellent craftsmanship when he created this eye catcher that looks at home anywhere, be it a classical or a more modern setting.
Case: very good
Dial: very good
Movm.: very good, capable of running

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