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Lot No. 429
Lot No. 429
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A. Berger à Lyon, 69 x 37 mm, 89 g

, circa 1630

An extremely rare oval pendant watch with biblical scenes

Case: silver and gilt brass, silver centre part lavishly engraved with mythological birds and foliage decoration. Dial: silver, gilt chapter ring, lavishly engraved with foliage decoration, fantasy birds and masks, single blued hand. Movm.: oval full plate brass movement, firegilt, signed, gut/fusee, plain two-arm iron balance without balance spring, fine florally engraved, pierced balance cock.

The case shows elaborate scenes from the life of King Solomon. The motif in the centre of the dial shows Moses and the burning bush.

According to Tardy, Abraham Berg(i)er was born in Geneva and married in Lyon. In 1597 he went to Grenoble and was appointed town clockmaker in 1612 as successor of Laurent Grégoire. From 1624 to 1642 he was back working in Lyon.
Case: very good
Dial: very good
Movm.: very good, cleaning needed

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