Lot No. 128* (93rd Auction)
Vaucher à Fleurier, Case No. 5465, 55 mm, 110 g, circa 1850

A gentleman's distinctive enamel pocket watch with a finely painted opaque polychrome enamel medallion depicting a fine composition of summer flowers and leaves against a light-blue ground studded with half pearls and jumping centre seconds for the Chinese market
Case: silver, glazed movement. Dial: enamel. Movm.: bridge movement, steel, keywind, going barrel, Chinese duplex escapement according to Edouard Jacot.

Watches for the Chinese Market
Imperial China was at its height in the 18th century. Not only the wealthy imperial couple but prosperous merchants and civil servants too were affluent enough to afford high-priced luxury goods. They often bought watches, either to extend their own collections or to pay tribute to the emperor by presenting him with valuable gifts.
Europe recognized the burgeoning financial power in the Chinese society and, in addition to exporting the high value Swiss timepieces, the companies began to open their own branches in China. To ensure that contemporary tastes were met and cultural demands of the time satisfied, the preferences of the "new" clientele were carefully investigated.
The lavishly decorated watch cases always stood out for their distinctive ornamentation. Shapes, colours and motifs were taken from nature; quality and design were second to none. Flower arrangements were immensely popular because they offered a myriad of possibilities for shape and colour. They came with or without pidgeons, on light or dark grounds that might be opaque or translucent - besides landscapes and traditional Chinese figures, flowers were by far the most popular motif.

Vaucher Frères à Fleurier company was founded by Alfred Vaucher at Fleurier. After his death in 1840 the sons Alfred, Edouard and James-Henri continued the business and specialized on dealing in Chinese clocks. In 1843 they opened a branch in Kanton and later another one in Shanghai.
Estimate  10,000 - 16,000 €
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