Lot No. 57 (94th Auction)
Strasser & Rohde, Glashütte in Sachsen, Movement No. 26, 1600 mm, circa 1890-93

An important precision regulator with regulator dial and 8 days power reserve
Case: later oak case with characteristic early trapezoidal support structure for the movement, circa 1890, no. "26" Dial: silvered. Movm.: rectangular brass movement, Graham escapement with adjustable ruby pallets, adjustable and lateral pendulum drive device, later Strasser nickel-steel compensation pendulum with two cylinders (pendulum no. 6).

The clock comes with a booklet containing rating certificates from 1943 to 1960. There is also a short instruction by Strasser & Rohde, explaining how to use the set of small rods for fine regulation.

This precision pendulum clock is one of the earliest clocks produced by Strasser & Rohde in Glashütte. An almost identical clock (no. 4) is described on pages 213 ff. in Jürgen Ermert’s standard work "Präzisionspendeluhren" (precision pendulum clocks). Our clock was obviously used as primary standard clock over many decades - which explains the number of upgrades it was given over time. The unusual movement shows numerous unused bearing holes which indicate that the movement had various additive functions. This it has in common with clock no. 4; we cannot explain these functions at this point in time. A timepiece of museum quality.
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