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Breguet & Compagnie

, Nr. 610, 79 mm, 541 g, 1840

An inking chronograph with recorder "Compteur de pointage nouveau modele" - extremely rare example with 30 min. and 30 half seconds counter. Sold on April 29th, 1854 to Collège de France für 350 Francs - with Breguet certificate no. 4523

Case: brass, cylinder-shaped, slide for Start/Stop, pusher for inking chronograph. Dial: enamel. Movm.: brass full plate movement, keywind, going barrel, cylinder escapement, flat three-arm brass balance, flat balance spring with regulator.

The Inking Chronograph
This piece is a very good example of the later inking chronograph models; Rieussec invented these chronographs in 1821 and Fatton perfected the system for Breguet in 1823.

Collège de France
The Collège de France, founded in 1530, is a higher education and research establishment (grand établissement) in France. It is located in Paris, in the 5th arrondissement, or Latin Quarter, across the street from the historical campus of La Sorbonne.
The Collège is considered to be France's most prestigious research establishment. As of 2017, 21 Nobel Prize winners and 8 Fields Medalists have been affiliated with the Collège. It does not grant degrees. Each professor is required to give lectures where attendance is free and open to anyone. Professors, about 50 in number, are chosen by the professors themselves, from a variety of disciplines, in both science and the humanities. The motto of the Collège is Docet Omnia, Latin for "It teaches everything"; its goal is to "teach science in the making" and can be best summed up by Maurice Merleau-Ponty's phrase: "Not acquired truths, but the idea of a free research" which is inscribed in golden letters above the main hall.
The Collège has research laboratories and one of the best research libraries of Europe, with sections focusing on history with rare books, humanities, social sciences and also chemistry and physics. As of June 2009, over 650 audio podcasts of Collège de France lectures are available on iTunes. Some are also available in English and Chinese. Similarly, the Collège de France's website hosts several videos of classes. The classes are followed by various students, from senior researchers to PhD or master students, or even bachelor students. Moreover, the "leçons inaugurales" (first lesson) are important events in Paris intellectual and social life and attract a very large public of curious Parisians.
The Collège was established by King Francis I of France, modeled after the Collegium Trilingue in Louvain, at the urging of Guillaume Budé. Of humanist inspiration, the school was established as an alternative to the Sorbonne to promote such disciplines as Hebrew, Ancient Greek (the first teacher being the celebrated scholar Janus Lascaris) and Mathematics. Initially called Collège Royal, and later Collège des Trois Langues, Collège National, and Collège Impérial, it was named Collège de France in 1870. In 2010, it became a founding associate of PSL Research University (a community of Parisian universities).
Source:‌wiki/Coll%C3%A8ge_de_Fra​nce, as of 10/2/2018.
Case: very good, worn
Dial: very good, slightly chipped
Movm.: very good, oxydized, capable of running, cleaning recommended

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