Lot No. 172 (99th Auction)
Jean Gaspard Du Val, 39 x 53 mm, 61 g, circa 1650

A single hand Renaissance rock crystal crucifix pendant watch
Case: in the form of a crucifix, folding bevelled rock crystal parts mounted in a firegilt, carved brass frame. Dial: silver dial with engraved view of a town, on firegilt brass ground. Movm.: cruciform brass full plate movement, verge escapement, applied floral decorations, chain/fusee, ratchet wheel set up, two-arm steel balance without spring, florally engraved pierced balance cock.

A remarkable rock crystal watch in excellent original condition and in an unusual, small size. The case is made of a faceted rock crystal cover and a rock crystal back in a firegilt brass frame. The dial is decorated with the most exquisite foliage scrolls; a view of a lakeside town with swans on the lake graces the centre of the tapered dial. A winged heart is engraved on the narrow bottom end of the dial. It comes from the original book "Devises et emblemes" by Daniel de la Feuille from 1691 and bears the title "Un Cœur enlevé par les Ailes" (A heart carried away by wings). The inner frames of the rock crystal covers are also lavishly embellished.

Unfortunately we know no more about Jean Gaspard Du Val than his date of birth circa 1600. Brian Loomes lists him but without giving a location.

Another rock crystal pendant watch made by Du Val is exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York; it was originally part of the J. Pierpont Morgan Collection, before it was donated to the museum in 1917.
Estimate  25,000 - 35,000 €
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