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Lot No. 438
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A collection of 3 IWC wristwatches

International Watch Co., Schaffhausen "Mark X", Movement No. 1076423, Case No. 1136636, Cal. 83, 35 mm, circa 1943

A watch of the British Forces
Case: steel, push back with military engraving: "W.W.W. M17656". Dial: black, "broad arrow", luminous material in the hands is slightly oxydized.

Of the wide range of aviator's watches that were being produced in the 1930s, the IWC Mark series is one of the most famous models. The first of the series, the Mark IX, was produced in 1936 and styled a "Spezialuhr für Flieger", i.e., a "Special Pilot's Watch". The model was fitted with the shock-resistant calibre 83, which was also adjusted to extreme temperatures. Its successor "Mark X" used the same calibre but unlike the Mark IX it did not feature a revolving bezel; this made it popular with military officers in general, not just pilots.
The British Ministry of Defense ordered a range of military watches from as many as 12 companies; the watches were all designated "Mark X", had Arabic numerals and featured the Broad Arrow mark. The casebacks were all stamped "W.W.W." (for watch, wrist and waterproof); because of that stamp the "Mark X" models are often referred to as "WWW" watches. IWC delivered their first Mark X edition in 1944 but production was discontinued again in 1948 - making this model a coveted collector’s piece, as there are so few of them about.
Case: very good, slightly worn
Dial: very good
Movm.: very good, capable of running, cleaning recommended

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