Absentee bids

To leave absentee bids you can send us a mail or a fax or you can leave them on our website. You have to register once up to 48 hours before the auction starts.

» Sign up

Afterwards login with your username and complete your address data.

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May be we ask you for a copy of your id card.

You can leave absentee bids until 12 hours before the auction starts. Please contact us then by email, fax or phone.

Until this point we can inform you when you are outbid. Be aware that every bid can be outreached during the auction!

Bid online during the auction

You can follow our auction on the web and bid online. For this you have to register once here

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which is not the same as on our website. Please sign up at least 48 hours before the auction starts. An id card may be requested.

Using this registration you can login to bid online during the auction.

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Please note that a surcharge of 5 % will be applied for online purchases.

First time users should take care of the initial bid limit of 5000 €. Contact us to increase it.